April 2021 Fundraising Numbers Are Starting To Come In!!!.....

Our April 2021 Fundraising numbers are starting to come in from our Treasurer and we are super excited!!!
So far our AMAZING Humboldt County community has helped us raise over $16,000!!! Woo hoo!  We are so grateful and so excited to start some new programs for our community.  Take a look at this link, 2021 Supporters, to see all of the amazing businesses and community members that have helped us fundraise this month.  

This page is a work in progress and being added to everyday.  So check back with us to see more of the amazing people that are helping us this year as we keep updating it!  

Thank you so much, Humboldt County for continuing to support our nonprofit.  We are blown away every year at how kind and giving everyone is.  Our Board of Directors knows just how lucky we are to be apart of such a great, small community like ours. heart