Sensory Screenings

For many families, going to see a movie is an entertaining way to spend time together. But for kids with autism, the traditional movie theater experience can be overwhelming. The theater's acoustics may be too loud, the dark can be intimidating, the wait to view the movie can be too long, the need to watch in silence and be still in their seat might be too hard for these individuals. For many families with kids with autism, going to a movie theater together is simply not an option.

For years now, each month FAAN sponsors a family-friendly Motion Picture Sensory Screening to those on the Autism Spectrum and their families.  These screenings offer no previews, lower volume and lights that are only slightly dimmed. You are surrounded by families who have "been there" and your child can move around and talk during the movie without worrying about interrupting other movie-goers.

Check our Facebook page or view our Events Calendar to see upcoming screenings!

Please note: Sensory Screenings are free to those on the Autism Spectrum, their immediate families and respite/behavioral workers only. We pay for the screenings based on the number of persons in the seats. We do not rent the whole theater for a flat fee. We do understand, from attending with our own children, how these screenings can be an amazing social experience for those affected by ASD and thank you for your cooperation so we can continue to keep this program alive and well.